Safety and healt at the wood workshop

The occupational safety and health fact sheets depict safe working practices related to specific hazards found on the farm, at motor vehicle repair shops and at the wood workshop. These fact sheets are aimed at employers and workers in micro and small enterprises including those in the informal economy. Following the information and advice contained in the fact sheets will assist in ensuring that those working in these sectors remain safe and healthy. These information sheets are supported by videos on the same matters.

Paint WISE

A story about Cao Thi Quynh Huong, a mother with a small child, working at a paint factory in Viet Nam. A training under the Work Improvements in Small Enterprises (WISE) programme helps Quyn Huong and other workers in the factory to enjoy safer working conditions with simple but effective improvements. One of a series of the Decent Work Stories from Viet Nam.

Learn from others' mistakes. Youth 18–24

Learn from others’ mistakes so that you will never do the same! Wherever you work, whatever your job, use the right personal protective equipments!

WISH Work Improvement for safe home

Improving work conditions among home workers in the informal economy is an important component of the ILO agenda to extend decent work to all workers.