Highlights of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Board Game Prototype Playtest and Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

12 January 2019, 10 am to 3pm Valencia Function Room, La Breza Hotel, Quezon City, Metro Manila

A playtest for the first-ever Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Board Game Prototype was held last 12 January 2019 at the La Breza Hotel, Quezon City, Metro Manila. It was a fun, insightful and productive event attended and participated by twelve (12) young workers, aged between 20 to 30 years
old. The participants were selected thru an online application via bit.ly/OSHgame and diversity of participants’ backgrounds have taken into account for the selection process.


In photo: The twelve (12) participants with Mr. Johan Arvling and Ms. Bea Brondial.

Ms. Bea Brondial, the OSH board game creator, started-off the event welcoming the participants and provided a quick walk-through of the event program. She explained that a blind playtest will be conducted wherein the OSH board game prototype will be given to the participants with no explanation or instructions on how they will play it, thus they will play it based on their own understanding of the game instruction sheet and the materials provided.

She added that a feedback round after the end of the game will be conducted to elicit feedback on the participants’ experience and opinion on the game. It was emphasized that participants are free to speak their mind and give their honest feedback and brutal but constructive criticism. This will be followed by participants’ answering of feedback form to ensure that all the comments will be captured.

Bulk of the program time is devoted for the playtest. The participants were grouped into three (3) with four members to play the board game prototype. After the playtest, a focus group discussion was conducted to gather understanding of what participants think about the game and what happened during the playtest.


In photos: The playtest session and the prototype board game


In photos: Focus Group Discussion session and a participant giving his comment.

Consequently, feedback forms were distributed among the participants to further obtain their insights through answering various questions. Below are the verbatim answers of some of the participants categorized as positive and for improvements:

Positive For improvements/Revisions
  • “Opportunity to learn about OSH in the form of board game”
  • “I like the part of having the chance to interact with other players and enjoy playing the game in a fun way”
  • “Very interactive and new way to introduce OSH for young professionals. Sharing of personal experience to promote awareness & practice safety”
  • “I like the use of color-coding for the boxes/zone and symbols/signage in relation with OSH”
  • “Colorful board game and cards”
  • “Design of the board is minimal that gives a neat impression”
  • “Mechanics of the game. Concept of decreasing the hazards on hand”
  • “I like the challenges/questions”
  • “Learn new things and experiences from other players regarding OSH”
  • “Easy to play and understand”
  • “It was educational, presented creatively and fun to play
  • “Hard to determine correct answers. Create cheat sheet for the Safety
  • “Add more zones for OSH Talk”
  • “More specific instructions”
  • “Sizes of the materials. Bigger fonts.”

Mr. Johan Arvling delivered the closing remarks. He provided details on the way forward of the game and introduced the Youth4OSH Platform where the digital game version of the board game will be made available.


In photos: Mr. Johan Arvling addressing the participants

All in all, the event has been successful and fruitful in obtaining crucial feedback for the improvements of the board game.