OSHnopoly is an occupational safety and health (OSH) awareness and educational board game which will give players knowledge and experience on identifying workplace hazards in a fun and creative ways. Hazard is any activity, situation or substance that can cause harm, either physically or mentally, and can be divided into two broad categories: the health hazards and the safety hazards.

The board game was developed by Beatriz A. Brondial who participated on the first-ever [email protected] Congress in Singapore last September 2017. She envisioned a learning tool that can be used to raise OSH awareness among young workers in a non-traditional way of discussion and presentation. Taking inspiration from her learnings during the congress, this board game was crafted which can be played by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

OSHnopoly began life three months ago, on November 1st 2018, as a crappy-looking game design and prototype, which Mr. Johan Arvling and Ms. Michiko Miyamoto trusted and supported to bring into fruition through a funding support from the Disney OSH Project – ILO CO Jakarta. It was preceded by an almost-done prototype version that undergone a playtest with young workers based in Manila, Philippines. It received overwhelming positive feedback from the participants commending the game design and the interaction it creates among the players as the board game encourages the sharing of experiences and, of course, critics were obtained
that could further enhance the game.


oshnopoly-005.jpgIn photos: The playtesters of OSH Board Game Prototype last 12 January 2019 at Manila

Results and feedbacks gathered on the playtest and focus group discussion sessions were incorporated to the final design of the board game to ensure that the game will fit the likings of young people and could be played by anyone simply by reading the game instructions.

The OSHnopoly Board Game can be used as a supplementary learning tool for OSH awareness during seminars/workshops/campaigns to enable participants to assess their attitude towards safety and health. The board game is available in two sizes: one regular (usual size of a tabletop board game) and a human-sized version. Likewise, the board game is also envisioned to be a digital game and be made available at Youth4OSH Communication Platform to reach more young workers world-wide and spread the culture of prevention.