Contributing Content


If you have a user account to the portal you can add content after logging-in.  However, you are only allowed to contribute items from within your folder.  Follow the steps below to create content:

1. Access your folder after logging-in by clicking on the "My Folder" link from the drop down arrow beside the user icon.

My Folder Link

2. The default view of the user folder will have a "Share" portlet which have buttons that link to contributions folder of a specific language.

Contributions Buttons

3. In this example, we contribute in English language by clicking the "Contributions" button. To add content, click on the icon and fill-out the required fields.

Member Share Portlet Click Icon

The following content types are available for users to add to the portal:

Link - add a "link" type if you want to share information you found interesting from other websites

File - a "file" type is a document in digital format.  Most common electronic documents are those produced from office software (MS Office, LibreOffice, etc)

Image - refers to graphics, images, or photos

News Item - use this content type for writing information about activities, programs, and other topics

Event - information about a future event or activity 

Video - used for uploading videos or links to video providers

Audio - provides a form for digital audio such as podcasts, etc.

Story - a content type for adding personal stories

Questions - use this form if you have questions and you want answers from community members and experts

4. After you have successfully added content, it will be in the "private" state.  Other members will not be able to see or access your contribution.  You will have to "submit" your content and a site administrator needs to "publish" your submission before it becomes available to other users.  When you are ready, click on the "submit" button in the notice above your content.