A collection is a content item available to editors and other advanced users to create lists of items that fit certain criteria.  For example, you can use a collection to create a list of “news items” that are tagged with the keyword “OSH” and have the state “published” .  The portal will then find all items that fit your criteria and list them in a page. To add a collection:

1. From the edit bar, click on the “Add” menu and select “Collection”

2. Fill out the other fields that you need.

3. In the field “Search Terms”, select the criteria you require for your list


4. You can also select a criteria to sort the order of your list.

5. Other options available for collections are the total number of items to get (Limit) and the number of items to show at a time (Count).

6. If you want to show the list in table format, select the columns that should be included in the table.