The National OSH Council/ Dewan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja Nasional (DK3N) - Indonesia

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The National OSH Council (DK3N), comprising of 10 members from several ministries, 10 members from various sectors of the employers’ association, and 10 members from various trade unions, was established by MOM in 1982 as a tripartite body to provide recommendations and advice on OSH to the Government at the national level. 56 DK3N remained active into the 2000s, organizing events to promote OSH, including Indonesia’s national safety and health month and, amongst other things, leading the process of developing the “Vision, Mission, Policy, Strategy and Program of National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) 2007 – 2010”. 57 In theory, members of DK3N comprise of the key OSH organizations in the country, including the employers’ and workers’ representatives. 58 In practice, it is understood that DK3N is presently unstaffed.